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We are a private platform for the finest - farm and handicraft products made in the mountains of Bengal and Sikkim.

Our people of the hills are blessed with healing forests, naturally fertile lands, and a culture that teaches our communities to live in peace and harmony.  We bring to you products that suit your holistic wellbeing while we constantly endeavor to empower our local farmers and artisans. 


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The journey to Beyul Demazong


Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche) journeyed through these mountains in the 8th century. While he introduced the indigenous people to Buddhism he also foretold them about the era of monarchy that would arrive in Sikkim centuries later. In years to come a saint from Tibet on discovering the meaning of a hidden message from Guru Rimpoche sets of on a journey to Beyul Demazong -  hidden land of rice valley with a mission to set up Sikkim - a kingdom governed on the principles of Buddhism.  

Three veteran saints from three directions to meet at a fourth saint Phuntsog Namgyal at Yuksom and crown as the first Chogyal (the king of Sikkim) and rule these mountains on Buddhist principles of Peace and Harmony.


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A Reminiscence of the British Raj


As the British grew into colonial dominance, parts of these Himalayas called the Terai Region including Darjeeling was annexed from Sikkim. 


This hill station soon became an abode to the English as their summer capital of Bengal Presidency, European as large-scale Tea planters and Scottish Missionaries who laid the foundation for Darjeelings notability as a center of education. The British overtook some large-scale projects for the development of Trade including the UNESCO World Heritage -  Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, which still stands as an exemplary to the Grandeur of British Engineering.


Today Darjeeling is celebrated for the world's finest Tea and the streets of this hill town still lined with heritage structures that are a reminiscence of the glorious British Raj.


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The kalimpong Store
The kalimpong Store

The Silk Route to Global Trade


Kalimpong - a quaint Buddhist village located on a ridge was overnight turned into a bustling trade hub by the British. They developed Kalimpong as an important node for global trade with Tibet via the Bengal - Lhasa Silk Route also known as The Old Silk Route. Trade flourished through this route so much so that the British recorded half of the global trade with Tibet via this route.


At the forefront of this trade were the migrant community from parts of Haryana and Rajasthan - The Marwadis. They traveled far and wide and choose to settle down with the locals in colonial hill towns and even remote villages. Far away from home adjusting to the chilly climate, they wholeheartedly accepted their local dialect (Nepali) and built relationships with the local community. They firmly held their culture and in course of time flourished as the dominant trading community.


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